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Written Proposal To A Curling Club

There are a few different types of curling clubs and facilities including:
1) A member run curling club that owns its facility
2) A multi-sport facility that rents the ice to leagues and cares about the future of curling
3) A multi-sport facility that rents the ice to leagues but primarily cares about immediate rental income and less about long-term enrolment

Regardless of the type of club or facility you are approaching, it is important to meet with them in person early on. This allows them to see your passion for the program and to understand if they can count on you to fulfill your part (whatever that is determined to be). Clubs and facilities are taking a chance when a new program reserves ice, so building a relationship early is important.

Also, experience has taught us that very clear and detailed communication is important with all types of clubs and facilities and that it is essential with the third type. For this reason we have created a document template that can be provided to the curling facility to ensure there is no miss communication and that everyone within the club or facility completely understands the purpose and risks involved with the program:

Family Curling Club Proposal Sample v01.docx

Starting a family curling program is an extremely rewarding endeavor and the majority of curling clubs will be incredible partners to work with.

If at any time you or the club would like to talk to myself about family curling, please contact Derek Kunz at 403-862-2550.