Family Curling is a fantastic sport for parents and youth to play together. Players age 6 to grandparent can play on the same team, cheer each other on and celebrate good shots. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t curled before, we encourage you to come out and have fun.

Depending on your club, family curling is offered in two formats:

  • Play Games:
    • Have fun playing games on the first day!
    • New players delivery the stone using the stick delivery closer to the rings
    • Experienced players can use the slide delivery or the stick delivery
  • Learn To Slide:
    • Experience the feeling of sliding skillfully!
    • Players learn and practice the proper technique for the slide delivery
    • Play some games, while focusing on improving slide skills

Most programs only require one adult and one youth to register. Feel free to register younger and older youth, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. The more the merrier!

Welcome to the sport and community of curling!

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The Game

Curling is a suspenseful game that combines strategy with physical skill.
It’s challenging to play and easy to learn.



Curling is an active, social and fun sport. Come out and try it!

Family Fun


Play Games

Ages: ~6 to Grandparent
Level: Beginner to Experienced

Family curling’s play games format is a lot of fun for curlers of all experience levels. Its greatest benefit is that it enables adults and youth of all ages to play exciting games with each other, regardless of experience level.

New players use the stick delivery, which is a great way to introduce new players to curling. In this format, players usually propel the rock with a stick from 1/3 of the way down the ice. It enables new players to play the game, experience the thrill of making great shots, and develop a passion for the sport on their first day.

Experienced curlers have the option to deliver the rock using the slide delivery or the stick delivery. Both are great fun.


Learn To Slide

Ages: ~8 to Grandparent
Level: Beginner

Whether you are just starting out or have already played short sheet games with the stick delivery, learning the slide delivery can be fun and really enhance the game. Who doesn’t want to look like the professionals on TV?

Together, families learn how to throw the rock using the slide delivery. These programs focus on teaching and practicing delivery skills. Many clubs will also include game play in the program.

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With FortisAlberta’s sponsorship, we are seeding programs throughout Alberta. We are also encouraging curlers and clubs to start programs across the country.

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Play Online

The Curling Rocks! Free App.

Want to Curl on your phone, tablet or computer? Search for Curling Rocks! in your app store for our introductory version of an app that will help you learn curling and have fun playing each other as a family.

How to start a family curling program

Family Curling is a new format that is about to spread across the country. You may not have a family curling program at your club, but you can start one. Here is everything you need to get started.

~50% of youth don’t play winter team sports. Our goal is to share curling with all of these youth.

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Family Feedback

“Yes, I would recommend the stick curling! I actually already have, friends of ours were really interested and I’m sure other friends would be as well. It was a lot of fun!”

“I would say it’s fun for everyone in the family, even our 6 year old had fun and was really good. You can learn to work as a team, and also take turns as being skip and practice some leadership skills. The kids especially liked being skip and felt in charge, it was really cool.”

Read comments from families here

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