Time To Renovate

FamilyCurling.com is being moved to a new server so that we can add features that better serve curling clubs who wish to use the resources of this site, including enabling clubs to edit their own information.

Calgary Family Curling Association

The Calgary Family Curling Association is taking this year off as well, with intentions of restarting in the fall of 2019. Volunteers are welcomed. Please contact us at familycurling@outlook.com

The Curling Rocks! Free App.

Want to Curl on your phone, tablet or computer? Search for Curling Rocks! in your app store for our introductory version of an app that will help you learn curling and have fun playing each other as a family.

The Back Story

Family Curling started as an experiment with 11 young kids to see if they would find it fun to try curling with the stick delivery on a shorter sheet of ice. This experiment uncovered the parent’s desire to play with their kids.

From this two afternoon experiment, we then setup a 4 sheet 5 week league of family curling using the half sheet stick delivery format. This had great reviews from the players.

With this knowledge in hand, we approached curling clubs to share what we had learned with them so they could start their own programs if they wished. As it turned out, the clubs are less equipped to run programs themselves and needed us to run the programs for them.

Before we knew it, we were running leagues in three clubs in Calgary, with well over 500 registrants in a few years.

Setting up the programs required a lot of work, ranging from creating online curling and safety videos to developing promotional artwork and this website. We realized this work might be a barrier to other clubs starting their own programs and decided to share everthing we created with any club that would like to use it. (Free of charge – we just want to enhance the lives of youth and families)

We shared the site with one curling club, which worked well the first year. In the second year, with vacations etc, I think we let the club down in updating their information. With this one example, it became obvious we needed to give clubs the ability to edit their own information so they don’t have to rely on us for anything. This removes any risk a club may feel they are taking when using the familycurling.com site for promotion.

Our Status Today

There wasn’t and isn’t enough time to get everything done:

Last fall my family’s world was hit with some health issues that reduced the amount of time and energy I had to work on the Family Curling initiative. I was able to get the initial version of the Curling Rocks! app published, but that was as far as I got.

The health issues are still influencing our world and I can’t commit the time required to promote the Calgary Family Curling league this year. For example: Hanging and retrieving banners on overpasses and deploying and retrieving a hundred signs, 4 times during the winter, consumes a month of evenings and weekends. Coaching games takes another 6-9 hours a weekend for 14 weekends – though we have some great volunteers that help with this. It is all a lot of fun and very rewarding, I just can’t devote this much time this season.

Goals For This Winter

* Relaunch the familycurling.com website with the ability for clubs to edit their own information
* Recruit additional volunteers for the Calgary Family Curling Association
* Add a computer opponent and youth coaching tools to the Curling Rocks! app
* Approach curling clubs accross Alberta to utilize the FamilyCurling.com resources and sponsorship secured from FortisAlberta.
* Accept requests to use FamilyCurling.com from clubs located anywhere on the planet

I wish all aspects of the Family Curling initiative had gone smoother. We are regrouping and will return with a higher quality program.