Parent Survey Responses  (Pilot league)


1) Would you highly recommend family stick curling to friends?

Yes, I would highly recommend family stick curling to anyone – it is a great way to engage with your family and the sport offers many levels of engagement, both for kids and adults.

Yes, I would recommend the stick curling! I actually already have, friends of ours were really interested and I’m sure other friends would be as well. It was a lot of fun!

Yes absolutely !! It’s great that whole or partial families can come.


Family stick curling is not only a great way to introduce first-timers to the fun and strategic aspects of the game; it’s also an entertaining way to spend time with family and friends regardless of skill level. Anyone can do it, and I highly recommend it!

I would recommend to anyone who already has an interest in curling. My son who was interested is having a great time however my other son who was not so interested in the beginning seems to be bored.

Yes. It’s a great introduction to curling for kids AND grown-ups who have never curled before. We can concentrate on learning the rules and etiquette on the ice without focusing all our attention on learning to slide. And it’s a great way for families to spend time together and have fun.



2) What would you say to families who are considering joining family stick curling?

Relax, have fun, enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your kids doing something new!

I would say it’s fun for everyone in the family, even our 6 year old had fun and was really good. You can learn to work as a team, and also take turns as being skip and practice some leadership skills. The kids especially liked being skip and felt in charge, it was really cool.

It is great to try and something to do with the family

Try it out! It’s affordable compared to a lot of other sports, and a lot of fun. It’s a great way for families to spend time together. A nice way to meet other families. And an easy introduction to curling for all ages.

It’s a lot more fun than it appeared.

Stick curling is a game that you can jump into immediately without any prior training, and still have a blast playing. The more you play, the more you start to understand the little intricacies of the game, and the more you will enjoy it.

Good way to be introduced to the game, great hobby.

It’s fun for both the kids and parents, a good opportunity for both child and parent to bond and play a sport which allows them to be competitive with each other since it is skills (not strength based for example) based, and a sport where skills are required but not too high of pressure for young children.


3) What would you say to curling clubs who are considering offering family stick curling leagues and events?

A great way to engage youth in curling who might otherwise never consider it, especially kids who aren’t as keen on groups and teams, being able to participate in a sport as a family is a great option.

Just to keep it affordable.

It’s a great opportunity to get kids on the ice and learning the sport at an early age.

Once per week is easy to commit to for a trial – good to introduce kids to it.

Thank you for expanding and giving those who have never played before the chance to experience the sport/recreation activity.

Family stick curling is a fantastic way to register new families for your club, who otherwise may not have considered joining. It’s a great way to get those with little or no previous curling experience to immediately jump in and start enjoying the game of curling. I have personally really enjoyed the experience of stick curling and it has motivated me to pursue regular curling in the future.

This could be a good opportunity to offer something that could gain some real popularity.

This is a great way to grow the sport. We wouldn’t have considered putting our son in curling at the age of 7, but when we saw it was a family activity we became interested. It’s a great activity for families, and affordable compared to a lot of other sports. I’ve already had two other families tell me they’d like to try it when they heard we had joined. Once kids try it out and enjoy it, they are likely to keep curling!


4) Is family stick curling having a positive impact on your family and children?

Yes, getting my son out from behind a screen for a couple hours each weekend without complaint is great, and the fact that he loves to do it is a bonus.

It really was fun for us to play as a family. All 3 of our kids have asked to try it again. We’d rather spend money on doing something like that rather than going to a movie. Thanks!

It is nice that we get to do it as a family

“…” good to spend time together doing something active and social. Seems really good for kids who are not typical “sporty” kids – good option for them.

Yes. We are building quality family time together. It bring out the competitiveness among us but at the same time, strive for excellent to out do oneself

My son and I have been family stick curling for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed our time together. It’s a great way to bond, share some laughs and high-fives with your loved ones.

Yes, gives my child and me more quality time together and my daughter really loves it.


5) Anything else you wish to add?

Please keep this going, I think I would like to do this with both my kids next year. It is not a huge time commitment which is also great, as all the other sports, lessons, homework etc., do take a lot of time, as well as preparation. Thanks “…” for organizing such a great family event!

Thank you for organizing !!!

I think it would be beneficial to have 1 or 2 “sit downs” at the beginning of the league to really explain the scoring and the game play.
.. Thank you for the suggestion. We also plan to have video tutorials ready before the next season ..

Hope other who never curl before see the benefit of this low impact sport or rather one can’t get hurt but one need mental stamina to do well. Young or old, anyone can learn and have fun.

.. a very appreciative comment that is too complimentary to post 🙂 ..

I’m interested again for next year as long as it’s the same time and location, very convenient for us. And thanks to you and your family!

Thanks for putting the effort into organizing this. I’m sure through word of mouth a lot of other families will be interested to try it out.