We have put a lot of work into trying to figure out how family curling should look, how to run programs, how to promote them, and how to set up a society for administration of programs (the Calgary Family Curling Association). There was enough work involved that we felt it could be a barrier for others to start up their own program, so we decided to share everything we have to make it as easy as possible for others to launch programs. (Essentially, there is no point in all of us starting from scratch and duplicating effort)

Our offer to you

1) In this section of the website we share our experience and lessons so that you can learn from it and hopefully improve upon it.

2) We invite you to call Derek at 403-862-2550 to ask or discuss any aspect of family curling.

3) We will help you promote your program:

  • You can use our promotion and signage art to send people to familycurling.com. Road signs and overpass banners need to be simple and precise. The FamilyCurling.com signs are exactly that.
  • We will post information about your program on familycurling.com so visitors can learn about your specific Family Curling program, including a way to contact you and information on how to register. Additionally or alternatively we can add a link to your own website.
  • If your program is within the FortisAlberta service territory, then we may be able to give you signs and delivery sticks as part of FortisAlberta’s sponsorship program.

4) If our artwork or this site can be improved to better serve your needs, we will try to fulfill any request you have. We can modify the art for you and we can change or make additions to the site for you. Please – just ask.

5) If you would like to work with an Optimist Club, we can help connect you.

* There is no cost to you and no revenue to us.

Why do we want to help?

If all human actions are fundamentally selfish, then we are likely doing it for the joy and pride and meaning it brings to our lives.

It really is an incredible feeling to see youth come to life on the ice as they have fun and bond with their families.