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This may be the most effective way to get people excited about curling:

Sample event format #1

Imagine the experience from a new curlers perspective: On Friday evening the family sits down and watches an hour’s worth of video tutorials on safety, game play and strategy. On Saturday morning they go down to the curling club and 30 minutes later they are on the ice playing games, making shots and scoring points. When their one hour game is over, they join in on a 40 minute off ice activity that has them socializing with the other teams. Then they check their ranking in the tournament before going out to play another 1 hour game, which they are starting to get good at. Lots of exciting shots are made and before they know it the second game is over. In to the clubhouse they go for lunch. It’s pizza and their favorite foods. While eating they watch the other group of families play their games. Then they are out for their third and final game. They need to win this one for a chance at that prize they hope they win. .. on the way home in the car, they sink into their seat, slightly exhausted. That was a whirlwind of fun they just had as a family! ..when can we go Family Curling again?

Oh.. and Mom, can I join a youth curling league? The youth curling coach who was helping us invited me to try it.

Example event format #2

… a half dozen more examples to come..